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The Mavericks will have a valuable opportunity in the early second round of the NBA Draft

It’s easy to dismiss the draft when the team only has a pick in the second round. But it’s worth revisiting the value to be found later in the draft.

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While the NBA Finals wind down the NBA Draft is quietly lurking just around the corner. Without a lottery pick to put every hope and fear into, it can sneak up on you. It nearly did me.

Over the next week we’ll be giving you some quick hitting looks at players the Mavericks should consider at various positions with their second round pick. It’s not as glamorous as the idea of adding a Luka Doncic or Zion Williamson, but it’s important to remember the value in this position.

It’s a tougher burden on draft boards to identify players that might be undervalued by teams picking ahead of a late draft spot. And looking at the broader numbers confirms that it’s often a crap shoot in the second round, determining players with raw potential, a high ceiling, or a solid fit with an organization. That reality often leaves fans and front offices alike wanting to punt on second rounders, or offering them up just for cash.

But as a wise man (my dad) reminded me once again, there are good players up for grabs in the early second round. This isn’t cherry-picking players over a long span, but just a glance at the last five drafts, in about a ten-spot window in the early second round:

There will always be more misses than hits, especially when dealing with second round prospects. But there is reason for hope, MFFLs! The Mavericks have needs, and relying on free agency to fill all those holes is a tall order.

Though the Mavericks draft history suggests they put less value on the draft, they’ve done a solid job the last several seasons identifying players that fit well. It would do them well to value this one, as they’ll need a handful of solid bargain role players while they aim their cap space elsewhere in July.

Check back in to Mavs Moneyball leading up to the June 20th NBA Draft, while we breakdown and feature some of the players the Mavericks should be eyeing when the second round hits next week.