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Scouting the Moneyball Staff

A surprise to no one, we’ve got great aspects and some serious flaws

NBA: NBA Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Though the Dallas Mavericks have just one pick in 2019, we still have all your bases covered in terms of NBA Draft coverage. There are wings, bigs, and guards to consider and at pick 37, the Mavericks should have a change to take someone solid. They could also take an injured or overseas stash player.

But chances are you’ve seen all these scouting reports and the accompanying analysis. Here’s one thing you haven’t seen: the Mavs Moneyball staff draft scouting report. Using the absolutely brilliant SB Nation scouting report generator, I’ve gone through and produced the most accurate report on our staff to date.

Rebecca Lawson

Great intangibles, but according to the scouting report missing a key skill which could bolster her draft status.

Josh Bowe

For those that don’t know, Josh is actually super tall so this tracks. But his bad takes on things have garnered the approval of the worst prognosticator in the NBA media sphere. Bad break for Josh on the day of the draft.

Kirk Henderson

I do have long arms for a tall-ish person. But if you guys only knew how much of a sucker I am for wellness trends. Facebook has me targeted and it looks like NBA GMs will take note of this character flaw.

Ian Miller

Why Ian! We never knew you were so bold in your body art choices.

Doyle Rader

Doyle’s certainly a sneaky hard worker when he’s focused, but this mass email problem is real. People who do that are bad people.

Jordan Brodess

Ball handling is becoming more important with each year in the NBA so that’s a great look for Jordan. However, scouts must have private investigator’s following Jordan. He’s never let US down here at Mavs Moneyball yet scouts clearly know something we don’t. This hopefully won’t affect his draft status.

Brice Paterik

Brice’s question-asking verticality is great but he’s got to work on that laugh, apparently.

Sam Guertler

Shot making is key! As is personal hygiene. Hopefully the shot making wins out.

There you have it! Think good thoughts for us and the Mavericks on draft night!