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MMB Radio, Episode 6: Off Season Review

A look back at what went down for Dallas in free agency

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Phoenix Suns v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

On this episode of the Mavs Moneyball Radio Podcast, Jeffrey takes a look at the moves the Mavericks made this off season, from the return of Seth Curry to the Mavericks, to signing of a movie star who also happens to be an NBA player in Boban Marjanovic, and the most important off season move of all, locking Kristaps Porzingis down on a five year max contract. He also lets you know why he thinks the team will be better than they were last year, even if they don’t make the playoffs and aren’t contending.

In the second segment, Jeffrey talks about the upcoming FIBA World Cup, and why the biggest names in the NBA aren’t racing to suit up for Team USA. In the same breath, he gives a suggestion to the USA Basketball brass, as to how they can incentivize the elite players in the league to come play in these tournaments.

Next week, Jeffrey will be joined by Kevin Correa to talk all things NBA 2K league, and the growing world of eSports.