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We need to have a talk with Delon Wright about his favorite player

Anyone but him.

Memphis Grizzlies v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks are high on Delon Wright. That much was certain long before the team acquired the guard in a sign-and-trade with the Memphis Grizzlies during free agency. This week, Wright is hitting the Mavericks’ in-house PR circuit, doing a Twitter Q&A and going on a podcast with team employees Bobby Karalla and Mike Marshall.

It’s no wonder that Dallas is hyping up their new guy. He’s not a household name, but stands to be featured prominently in the coming season as a probably starter. It’s time for fans to get to know him. And while he’s sure to win over the most skeptical fans with his play on the court, he said something that will give MFFLs pause.

During his Twitter Q&A, user @WilliamAniol lobbed Wright a softball question, asking him, “Which current or former NBA player’s game have you tried to model your own around? Who was your favorite player growing up?”

Born in 1992, the 27-year-old Wright could pick from any number of players over the past three decades to idolize. Michael Jordan? Sure, he’s the GOAT. Kobe Bryant? Makes sense despite his off-court issues. LeBron James? Duh. Heck, now that he’s on the Mavs and will be working with him, he could have said God Shammgod. That would have been great.

Unfortunately, Wright went with the worst possible option for Mavs fans.

“So, I try to model my game after former NBA player Dwyane Wade,” Wright says in his video response. “I just feel like he was someone similar to my style of play. He was the easiest to try and model my game after.”

Oh, Delon, pick literally anyone else. Please! Even a current or former player from the Houston Rockets or San Antonio Spurs would be better. Of all the players in the past 30 years, you picked the one that Mavericks fans absolutely despise. There’s no need to go into why Dallas fans hate Wade. The reasons are myriad. But, read the room. You are wearing a Mavericks jersey now. Make something up. Lie.

This is worse than when one of Dallas’ new players says they don’t like Whataburger. At least that oversight can be blamed on subpar regional fast food cuisine in the rest of the country. This though? Wade? This one is going to be hard to stomach—like an In-N-Out burger.

Hopefully, Wright’s play during the season will more than make up for his unfortunate taste in NBA players. For now, though, his relationship with the fans is off to a rocky start.