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Our suggestions for the Mavericks next jersey sponsor

Dallas and 5Miles have parted ways and the Mavs Moneyball staff has some...ideas.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks announced on Thursday that they’re ending their jersey partnership with 5miles, the Dallas-based e-commerce application that was basically a cleaned-up Craigslist designed for mobile.

No hard feelings from either side, as the press release shot to all Mavs media’s inboxes contained normal platitudes from the Mavs and 5miles. But this does mean the Mavericks have a chance to get a new sponsor and a new jersey patch.

Nothing against 5miles, but while the company was born in Dallas, it never really screamed Dallas, you know? That’s where the Mavs Moneyball staff comes in. Here are our, uhm, well-researched suggestions on who should have their logo slapped on the front of Mavs jerseys this upcoming season. Keep in mind these jersey sponsors are tied to local companies, so we were Dallas and Texas-focused.

Matt Gillroy

Borden Milk Products so we can have a fun little happy cow logo on the jerseys

And I love milk. Give me free milk.

OR, with the recent collision of NBA and Dragon Ball Z fandoms, FUNimation would be a great one. (Editor’s note: FUNimation is headquartered in Flower Mound!)

Doyle Rader

Burger House



American Airlines

The TV show Dallas

Mark Cuban

Poo Pourri

Neiman Marcus

Dr. Pepper


Yum! Foods

Pizza Hut


Councilmember Adam Medrano



Highland Park

The Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Citizens Council

John Wiley Price

Jim Adler

Central Market

Tacos La Banqueta

Stephen Pyles

La Michoacana

Gavin Mulloy

Deep Ellum

Double Wide

Stan’s Blue Note

Lone Star


Passive-agressive affluent white people

Trammel Crow

Klyde Warren

Trinity Park Conservancy

Lynn McBee



Road construction

JR Ewing

Josh Bowe

OK, hear me out. Let’s take a look at where famous video game developer id Software is located.

Hmmmm, yes OK. Now let’s see if they’re involved in the community....


id Software

Imagine the Mavericks centering a marketing campaign around rip and tear. The latest Doom game is amazing and the franchise is iconic within video game culture. It’s in the video game hall of fame! Honoring a Dallas-based company that created the famous game about slaying demons fits in perfectly with the Mavericks attempting to navigate the hellscape that is the Western Conference.

Come on. I want to see some Luka highlights with this playing in the background. I don’t ask for much.

Let’s honor a Dallas institution since the mid-90s. Put the Doom Slayer on the jersey.

Oh wait, more from Doyle

The Dallas Cowboys

Santiago Calatrava


Lime Scooters

Cheeseburgers in general


The Dallas Observer


Potter’s House

Jim’s Car Wash

Fort Worth

UNT Dallas

Half Price Books

Top Golf

The Polyphonic Spree

Mr. Pookie

Pecan Lodge

OK, Doyle we get it

So that’s what we got. Who do you want to see sponsor the Mavericks jerseys this season? Sound off in the comments!