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Kirk Your Enthusiasm Episode 7: Mary Henderson, GM of the Henderson Household

The Mrs. decided to come on the show

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If you’ve clicked on this podcast story, just know that by now I am all the way across the country with my family, celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary out in California where my wife and I met. In that same theme, Mary (@MarysJudgingYou) joined me on the podcast before we went out of town to talk a little Mavericks. If the audio gets a little funky at times, our dog Huck would give us no peace during the entire episode recording.

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Mary and I talk about her recollections from when we first started dating in the Fall of 2003, which was a great time to be a Maverick fan. Then I ask her some questions about her favorite Mavericks players, the best and worst Maverick memories, and we discuss taking our son to the last game they played here in Washington DC.

After the commercial break, she gets to talk about her favorite Dallas Maverick related past time: following all the players on social media. She goes through just about every thing the most active players did on Instagram this summer as well as make a case for more Maverick dog content.

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