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Roundtable: We made some New Year’s resolutions for ourselves and the Mavericks

Happy 2020, everyone.

Dallas Mavericks v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s New Year’s Day. Give me one Mavericks-related resolution, either for you or for a Maverick player.

Jordan: I’m not sure this fits, but I think as each day passes I’m more convinced the Mavericks should not make a move before the deadline. Not because I think they are title contenders as-is, but because I don’t think there is a reasonable option available that makes it worth jeopardizing the chemistry.

Nearly every game I get those 2014/15 Mavericks vibes, and a dread that something could mess it up like they did five December’s ago. I don’t think it will happen, so this isn’t a spicy take. But my resolution is that they find contentment in being this fun version of the Mavs without trying to rush the process to a title.

Josh: I’ll do one for myself and it’s simple -- keep an open mind. Before this season, I considered myself pretty smart about basketball and felt like I had a good grip on things. I initially predicted the Mavs to win 38 games and even as the season got closer, only bumped it up to 40. Now the Mavericks are looking at a 50+ win season. I’m still learning new things, like how it really doesn’t matter if your team doesn’t have a bunch of high-percentage three point shooters if they instead have 6-8 guys that shoot between 33 and 38 percent. I’m learning about what’s possible for a 20-year-old superstar. The Mavericks are surprising me in more ways than one this season and while I’ve already admitted I was very wrong about this team, I’m delighted that I’m still able to learn new things about a game I thought I had sort of figured out.

Doyle: I’m not one to make resolutions usually. They’re a fruitless endeavor most of the time. I certainly wouldn’t be so bold as to suggest a resolution or two for the Mavericks. My sense of self worth isn’t that blown out of proportion. Grown men can resolve to do whatever they choose. As for me, I’ll make an exception. In the coming year, I resolve to be more entertaining on podcasts--at least moderately so. I’ve heard the criticism and noticed a steep drop in Doyle-related content. While I believe that’s a mistake that’s on the podcast hosts, I know what I have to do to change that. I have a wealth of information to share since I actually attend games and speak with the players and I will communicate all that I know with more levity from now on. That’s my resolution.

Rebecca: My resolution for the Mavericks is to not overthink it. The last time a team was this good and this fun, the small doubts about whether it was a team that could win in the playoffs set in hard, and we got the Rondo trade. That turned one of the most fun seasons in recent memory into a depressing spiral that ended with infighting and benchings and voting guys out of playoff shares, all against our hated rivals the Rockets. I don’t care if this is a team that can’t win in the playoffs. The season is long - I care about trying hard and having fun. And these Mavericks are FUN. Don’t overthink it, don’t make big trades. Just take tiny steps and keep having fun along the way.

Kirk: For myself, the only thing I can think of is be nicer about Justin Jackson in podcasts. Compared to my normal grumpiness, this year I’m a delightful ray of sunshine. And why wouldn’t I be?! This team is awesome.

For the Mavericks, I’d like them to resolve to get Kristaps Porzingis in more situations going at the basket. He’s scary on the move and it builds his confidence in game. Additionally, I’d like to see Porzingis face up more on post ups. Use that height big man.