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Dallas Mavericks green Hardwood Classics t-shirt jerseys are now available

The green jerseys are making a comeback next season.

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Luka Doncic No. 77 green t-shirt jersey.
Luka Doncic No. 77 green t-shirt jersey.

Fans are getting an early look at the next alternate jersey for the Dallas Mavericks. Images of green Mavericks t-shirt jerseys (shirseys) hanging in stores and available online are already making the rounds on social media.

An friend of Mavs Moneyball with an eagle eye recently saw some hanging in a local retailer. They snapped some pictures and sent them on over.

Hey everyone, come look at how good they look.

Dallas Mavericks green t-shirt jerseys for sale.
Dallas Mavericks green t-shirt jerseys for sale.

While the Mavericks like to cloak everything they do in terms of branding in secrecy—with mixed results—the team has been open about the return of the green jerseys to mark a major milestone for the franchise.

“I am telling you, some of the stuff we have coming out next season to commemorate our 40th anniversary is straight fire,” Mavericks Vice President of Merchandise and Brand Identity Alison Panasik said in May. “We will wear Hardwood Classic greens on court this year. It’s going to be amazing.”

Kristaps Porzingis even hinted at the return of the green jerseys when he did a takeover of the team’s Twitter account.

The last time Dallas wore its green throwback Hardwood Classics jerseys was during the 2015-16 season, when the team marked its 35th anniversary. Adidas, then the manufacturer of all NBA apparel, updated the look of the jerseys a little that season, but they remained true to the original design, which debuted during the inaugural years of the franchise in the 1980s.

From the looks of the shirseys, Nike is keeping the numbering closer to the original font than Adidas did. That’s a pleasant update (throwback?). The curvature of the numerals are what make the numbers stand out from being merely squared off blocks.

If you’re in the market for a green Mavs t-shirt jersey, they’re available now. Dick’s Sporting Goods has them available online. Green Porzingis jerseys (the real deal) are also available. If brick and mortar shopping is more your style, you can pick one up in-store, in Dallas, at the Dick’s location at Park Lane and Central Expressway.