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Mavericks open with 33/1 odds to win 2021 NBA Championship

2011 NBA Finals - Dallas Mavericks v Miami Heat Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

After the Lakers won the NBA Finals on Sunday night, Sports Betting Dime released their odds for the 2021 NBA Season. The Mavericks were given the 11th best odds in the NBA to win next year’s Finals at 33/1. The odds are a significant improvement from the 105/1 odds they had last preseason, according to Basketball Reference.

The 15 highest odds for the 2021 championship from SBD are included in order below:

1. Los Angeles Lakers 5/1

2. Los Angeles Clippers 6/1

3. Milwaukee Bucks 9/1

4. Golden State Warriors 10/1

5. Brooklyn Nets 13/1

6. Boston Celtics 15/1

7. Miami Heat 16/1

8. Toronto Raptors 19/1

9. Denver Nuggets 25/1

10. Houston Rockets 28/1

11. Dallas Mavericks 33/1

12. Philadelphia 76ers 34/1

13. Portland Trail Blazers 45/1

14. Utah Jazz 49/1

15. New Orleans Pelicans 62/1

The Mavericks were also given 9/1 odds to land Clippers big man Montrezel Harrell in this year’s free agency. The projection likely comes as a result of Sports Illustrated’s Mike Fisher reporting on “NBA gossip” that the Mavericks were interested. You can read Fish’s entire piece here.