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2020 NBA Draft Profile: Cassius Stanley

Could Cassius be the ideal prospect to give us depth at the wing position for us to take at 31?

Virginia Tech v Duke Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Cassius Stanley has been a heavily-covered prospect since his time at Sierra Canyon Academy. Sierra Canyon is known for their impressive group of alumni/current players which include Lebron James Jr. (Bronny), Zhaire Wade, Marvin Bagely III, Scottie Pippen Jr., and more. Stanley is an explosive two-guard and could be an interesting prospect for the Mavericks to consider selecting with their 31st pick.

The Specs

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 195

Wingspan: 6’7”

Key Notes


  • Explosive, likely has the highest vertical in the draft
  • Above average three-point shooter
  • Great alley-oop finisher and dunker
  • Good at finding lanes to run in transition
  • Very quick and athletic
  • Below average free-throw shooter
  • Described as inconsistent on the offensive end
  • Needs to add weight if he’s going to be attacking the paint against NBA defenders


  • Despite being mostly praised for his offensive abilities, he’s proved to be a reliable defender at Duke
  • Athleticism allows him to get rebounds as a guard
  • Very disciplined, lots of energy on defense
  • Shows ability to read passes and get in passing lanes
  • Potentially shorter wingspan
  • Inconsistent overall as a defender
  • Sneaky ability to shot block

Active Player Comparisons

If everything goes wrong: Malik Monk Lite

If everything goes right: Thinner Jaylen Brown

Most Realistic Outcome: Terrance Ferguson

Stats and Accomplishments

Also ACC All-Freshman team

Best Games Last Season

vs. Louisville

24 points, 11 rebounds, 1 block, 7-17 FGA (41%), 9-10 FTA (90%)

vs. Georgetown

21 points, 8 rebounds, 3-3 3FGA (100%), 6-7 FTA (88%)

vs. UNC

22 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 7-19 FGA (37%), 7-8 FTA (88%)

3 Key Things

1. The athleticism

To give you an idea of how athletic this guy truly is, he broke Zion Williamson’s leap record at Duke. The same Zion Williamson who has a 99 dunk rating in 2k. Cassius has displayed his athleticism with occasional put-back dunks. He gets out in transition and runs, which typically results in him being rewarded with a fast break dunk or even a flashy lob. Luka Doncic, Jalen Brunson, and Seth Curry are all guards with great vision, so there is no doubt that Stanley would get his fair share of easy dunks.

2. Underrated defense

When people discuss his athleticism, most are referring to his dunking abilities. Cassius has shown that he can be a decent rebounder as a guard/wing player. His 46.5-inch vertical allows him to fly in for rebounds and even come out of nowhere for the occasional shot block. His per 36 numbers have him recording 6.5 rebounds per game, 1 block per game, and 1 steal per game. Obviously he won’t be playing 36 minutes per game as a rookie, but those numbers can give you an idea of what else he brings to the table besides spectacular dunks and decent three-point shooting.

3. His growth potential

If he can tighten up his shooting and become a more reliable three-point option, he could be a great option off the bench. He has a quick first step and could be a real problem for defenders if he develops a consistent shot. He definitely needs to add more weight so he can attack the rim, but I would get excited every time he checks in knowing that at any moment, he could posterize someone with ease.

The Checklist

Role with the Mavericks

With the recent news that Tim Hardaway Jr. hopes to return to the Mavericks, Stanley’s role would likely be less significant. As a 6”6 two-guard, he would come off the bench. Dallas does have Seth Curry who will also come off the bench, but Cassius is a completely different kind of player and history shows us Rick Carlisle loves having options.

He’s bigger, far more athletic, and should be a better defender. He’s not the best shooter (he’s far from the worst) available in the draft but he might be the best leaper. Dallas needs athleticism on the roster and it would certainly be fun to watch him catch lobs on that famous back screen play the Mavs like to run.


For the value, Stanley would be ideal with the 31st pick, since he’s not likely a first round selection. I think he would fit great with this team and allow us to add another wing. He would be very fun to watch and is the type of player that plays with a lot of energy and emotion. He makes the type of plays that can change a game in terms of giving a team the momentum. With Luka’s playmaking abilities and the coaching staff’s abilities to help players grow, I would be ecstatic if he is the selection at 31.