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Mavs Money Mailbag

Questions, answers, and takes as strong as the coffee you drink

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LA Clippers v Dallas Mavericks - Game Three Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

After last week’s call for questions, I was met with more than I could realistically answer in a single post. Thank y’all for submitting more questions and like last week, leave more of them in the comments and I’ll answer as many and as well as I can!

What do you think about the report Mavs are willing to take on bad money for a third star? via Andyj7742

Andy’s referring to an Athletic report from Shams Charania. My first reaction to it is that he needs an editor badly because the sentence doesn’t make any sense.

The Mavericks are willing to take on large salaries from a team to acquire a star player, sources say. Dallas is building the roster around its two stars, Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis, and could emerge as a destination for top talent.

I have no sources and this is not really saying anything. As best as I can tell it means Dallas would take on large expiring deals later on. I just can’t get over how terrible that whole blurb is. I’m a bad writer and he makes me look solid.

Would you consider Victor Oladipo and Myles Turner “bad money”? via Dirknows and Andyj7742

Oladipo’s had a weird year. After his rather scary and strange quad injury, he waffled about playing in Orlando and really only did so when it became clear he wouldn’t get paid, then looked like butt. There’s enough whispered between sports writers which would lead me to think he has a wildly different via of himself compared to reality, which might explain why he’s been on multiple teams already.

Turner’s a fine player but gives me the same vibe as Dwight Powell in that it’s questionable with how teams play now to pay big men at all, regardless of their skillset. I like him, but he’s not a player I am super interested in in Dallas.

I suppose ‘Dipo is “bad” money, should be become a more front and center problem for the Pacers since he’s on an expiring. But this is all really a question of value.

Would you trade for John Wall if it meant bradley beal? via Cdubss

This is part of a longer question that related back to something the Locked On Mavs guys put out there. I will say that Isaac and Nick are my friends and that every one of the trade ideas they’ve put into the ether are bad and I wish they would stop. I say that with love. Tough, tough love.

And no. I would not. Wall’s contract is one of the three worst in the league.

Do you think that the Mavs should trade both picks for future picks? How do you feel about the Mavs selecting a player or players with both picks in this year’s draft? via Benja2005

I would LOVE for Dallas to acquire a future pick for two reasons: they don’t have many draft assets after this year and because next year’s draft class has 5-7 guys who would go number one in this year’s draft no problem.

But since trading for future assets is at once difficult, since more teams value these pieces in compared to decades past, and because Dallas is on a timeline where draft picks don’t have a lot of immediate value for them. At least I assume that last part. I would love for them to use both draft picks on players just because I prefer the moldable aspects of youth over the known quantities of journeymen veterans. Look at what Dallas has done with undrafted talent over the years. Give that developmental staff players with higher pedigrees and see what happens!

If KP would’ve stayed healthy, do we win the Clippers series and ultimately the NBA Finals? via CJ Hawkins (@Ceedeesyardsz on Twitter)

Yes? Yes. I don’t know. What I do fear is that we may look back at this year as a missed opportunity. Couple the mistakes of Dallas last free agency with the very weird acceptance of playing the Clippers in the bubble along with all the bad luck Dallas had with injuries... it’s just a lot to take.

I spent half of yesterday debating the quality of Dallas role players with our wonderful commenters in this post and after thinking a lot of my frustration with the various Dallas role players isn’t them but the fact that each was asked to do more than they should have. The Mavericks, in a different situation that didn’t involve Kane Fitzgerald or the Porzingis knee injury, at a minimum could’ve taken things to at least the conference finals. I believe that whole heartedly.

What’s the most realistic trade we could make to land a starter-level player on the wing? via Travis Whitehead (@TravisWhitehead)

I suck at trades. We’ll likely have something soon on trade concepts because it’s fun to talk about but I am bad at them. Instead, I’ll answer that they could use the mid-level exception to pursue someone. But the challenge there is that there are NO quality free agents past Jae Crowder. Take a look at this list. Half the people on it have player options. That’s how rough this is.

How much money Tim Hardaway will try to get on the new contract ? And how much do you think is the limit we should offer him? if he leaves, would you trade Delon Wright for McDermott? via Vincete Paes (MavsVasco)

It’s pretty unlikely that both Tim Hardaway Jr. or Dallas wants a long term deal for Hardaway. The expectation is for him to opt into his player option then he becomes a massive expiring contract who also shoots the ball very well. It’s a win-win for both parties if he opts in and plays well. I suspect he’d take an offer similar to what Dallas gave Wesley Matthews years ago, but that doesn’t strike me as a thing Dallas would offer, if he did try to bargain for a longer term deal.

I would trade Delon. That doesn’t have or need a qualifier. As for Doug McDermott, he’d rule in this offense but Dallas has enough defensive problems.

Whats the best case scenario on draft night? Draft pick or trade? via Mark Muntean (@M2M3P)

My personal favorite scenario involves Dallas trading away their 18th over all pick for a future first in next year’s draft and netting Desmond Bane at 31.

But best case lies in what you want. As our comment sections will tell you, some of us want prospects, others want to move the picks and bad contracts for distressed assets on other teams. I do doubt Dallas uses both picks but that would make me happy too.

Send more questions! Leave a comment, send an email, shoot me a tweet or direct message on twitter. This was fun!