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Every Mavericks free agency rumor

It’s that time of year. Here’s our regularly updated post with Mavs off-season rumors. 

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LA Clippers v Dallas Mavericks - Game Six Photo by Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

Speed free agency is upon us! With news that free agency is going to start in just 10 days, it’s time to jump head first into the rumor mill.

Obviously, the rumor mill works years in advance but with our Dallas Mavericks, there’s usually so little to go off of. Since we here at Mavs Moneyball are mostly out of the news breaking business, we’re leaning into the credible news and rumors we see from around the league.

Here’s where we are, with newest information at the top going back to the first notice. Check back often!

November 21st, 11:45 a.m. - J.J. Barea potentially returning to Mavericks

Brad Townsend of the Dallas Morning News reported that a source told him the Mavericks are expecting to return J.J. Barea (yes, as a player) for the upcoming season. Townsend also included that this could potentially mean another guard getting traded, although this was purely speculation.

November 20th, 10:50 a.m. — Mavericks and Hornets discussing deal for Delon Wright

Dallas has been long rumored to move on from Wright, who disappointed immensely last season with the Mavericks. This particular rumor isn’t from a reliable source, so don’t get too worked up about it. If this did happen, don’t expect much — it would likely be a salary dump, since Wright’s value is as low as it can be right now.

November 18th, 4:33 PM - Mavericks had interest in Danny Green

Minutes after Danny Green was traded to the Sixers, Tim MacMahon of ESPN said that the Mavericks had interest in Green. This is consistent with Brad Townsend’s reporting, who had earlier mentioned Green sounded interesting to Dallas, but that they wouldn’t be willing to trade the 18th overall pick for him.

November 18th, 4:12 PM - Mavericks discussing S&T for Gallinari, possibly

Matt Babcock reported Wednesday afternoon that Dallas and OKC are discussing a sign-and-trade for Gallinari that involves the 18th overall pick. Half an hour after Babcock reported this, Brad Townsend said this was not accurate as of 4:31 PM.

November 16th, 11:43 AM - Mavericks not in on anything Jrue Holiday related

This according to Brad Townsend of Dallas Morning News. It makes sense logically, as the Mavericks don’t have much in terms of large contracts and good players to send back.

Nov. 16, 8:49 AM - Lou Williams emerges as a possible trade chip for the Mavericks’ No. 18 pick.

ESPN’s Jonathan Givony, as reported by NBA Central, says that talks are ongoing when it comes to the Mavericks potentially dealing their first-round draft pick. According to Givony, “the Clippers and Lou Williams [are] a popular choice around the league as a potential trade partner.”

November 14th, 10:30 AM - More reported Mavericks interest in Oklahoma City Thunder forward Danilo Gallinari

On Saturday morning, SNY Insider Ian Begley reported per his sources that “some with the Mavericks” have interest in pursuing the soon-to-be free agent Gallinari. This is the second piece of Gallinari related news we’ve heard this offseason. Brad Townsend of the Dallas Morning News reported in late October that the Mavericks had a trade in place for the forward at the deadline that fell apart due to extension concerns.

November 12th, 12:05 pm - Mavericks inquiring about the availability of Chicago Bull’s Zach LaVine

In his latest mock draft for The Ringer, Kevin O’Conner included some rumors in the footnotes of the picks. Notably for Dallas, sources have said the team has inquired about the availability of Guard Zach LaVine as Chicago has the opportunity to add a new young guard that would make LaVine moveable.

November 10th, 12:05 pm - Mavericks interested in Indiana Pacers guard Victor Oladipo, Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie and New Orleans Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday

Per Matt Moore of the Action Network, the sources around the league (so not a member of the Mavericks organization) think or have heard that Dallas is in the market to do something, which is what Brad Townsend of the Dallas Morning News reported last week.

November 8th, 4:22 pm - Dallas interested in Ibaka

According to Sean Deveneyn of Heavy, the Mavericks would be one of the contending teams Serge Ibaka would be interested in playing for if he can’t come to an agreement to stay with the Raptors.

November 6th, 4:31 pm - The Mavericks do not have enough assets to obtain Jrue Holiday but could make a run at Oladipo

On the Lowe Post with Bobby Marks, Zach Lowe thinks it’s likely the Mavericks have inquired about the availability of the Pelican’s guard, but do not have enough to make a trade New Orleans would be interested in. However, both he and Bobby Marks think if the threw both picks in this year’s draft and some role players, they could get Victor Oladipo from the Pacers.

November 5th, 8:56 am - Other organizations pitch Dallas as spot to land Rudy Gobert

Zach Lowe of ESPN mentioned this tid bit in his off-season mega preview. The key point is that other organizations think Dallas makes sense, not that the Mavericks are interested. That the Jazz now have a new owner who is also a huge fan, it seems unlikely he’d want to trade a star center. This strikes us as one of these rumors that exist because Dallas is often the team that gets tossed in to rumor discussions since the Mavericks aren’t great at defense.

October 27th, 5:27 pm - Gallinari makes a lot of sense

In the opening salvo of free agency talk, Brad Townsend of the Dallas Morning News reported on a previously unconfirmed rumor that Dallas had a deal in place to bring the Oklahoma City forward Danilo Gallinari to the team. He also makes the suggestion that a sign-and-trade with the Thunder might make sense for both sides. So this one’s less of a rumor and more of a solid idea.

October 15th - Mavericks have interest in Jerami Grant

Per Shams Charania, Dallas has early interest in the Denver Nuggets forward. He makes a lot of sense in terms of fit with the Mavericks, but he also has a good place right now with the Nuggets, so it seems a long shot unless the Nuggets and Grant can’t come to an agreement.