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Kirk Your Enthusiasm: Ben Collins returns to talk free agency and the draft

One of our favorite guests returns to get off some off-season hot takes.

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Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat - Game Four Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

Long time Mavericks fan and current actual newsman for NBC Ben Collins joined my podcast once again on Wednesday evening, this time to look ahead to the warp speed off-season ahead for the Dallas Mavericks.

We start off discussing various trade scenarios and free agency options, including our thoughts about the fit and viability of trading for Victor Oladipo or Jrue Holiday. Then we pivot to more specific free agency targets Ben liked, like Bertans.

Then we switch to briefly pining for various Rockets players if things go haywire there before talking Luka Doncic and some moderately uninformed draft takes.

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If you read the news, chances are you’re familiar with Ben’s day job as a NBC reporter. He says he covers the dystopia beat, which is short form for covering all the wild and often scary things going on in the darker corners of the internet. He’s been a lifelong Mavs fan and was a child reporter for the team a billion years ago.

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