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More Reasonably Acquirable Free Agent Options (Part Two)

Here are some more affordable free agency options to explore

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The rapid timetable of the season will result in a free agency whirlwind unlike anything we’ve seen before. Which means a wild approach to free agency from your friends at Mavs Moneyball. While we’re also chugging our profiles as best we can, I couldn’t choose just one, so here’s the second half of the 10 free agent reclaimation projects which might be worth a look.

These potential free agent targets aren’t necessarily head-line worthy, but I do believe they each fill a role that we either need or add to something that we already have but could use improvement in.

Bismack Biyombo

Biyombo was a mid-lottery pick in 2011 and has had a somewhat quiet career due to the fact that he’s been in Charlotte and Orlando (no offense). He’s not a household name, but at 6”9 with a 7”6 wingspan, he could quickly make his presence known here in Dallas.

He just made $17 million in the last year of his contract and his next NBA contract won’t be near that level. Given his lack of career success. Biyombo might be looking for a change of scenery if it means being put in a position to win.

Last season he averaged 7 points, 6 rebounds, and 1 block per game in 19 minutes per game. Those aren’t $17 million numbers, but he’s shown that he can have a big impact off the bench. He has mind-blowing athleticism and lots of strength around the rim. Biyombo possesses great defensive instincts and was a frequent lob target for Kemba Walker back in the day. He also brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm, so at the right price, I’d love to bring him in.

Justin Holiday

While Jrue is the Holiday brother that is most frequently discussed right now, we can’t forget about Justin. In fact, I’d take all three brothers if it were up to me. Justin is most well-known for his ability to consistently knock down open shots. At 31 years old, it’s largely a question of what he wants next.

He’s played on seven different teams and has shown that he can be effective in many different systems. Holiday shot 40.5 percent on 4.5 three-point attempts per game last season in 25 minutes per game off the bench. He’s the type of player that could fit right into our system while being brought in at a relatively cheap price.

Bobby Portis

Portis is a name that might throw people for a loop. He signed a one-year, $15 million deal with the New York Knicks last offseason, but considering their recent lack of success, he might be looking for a change of scenery. He averaged 10 points and 5 rebounds last season in 20 minutes per game off the bench. At 6”10 and 250 lbs, the dude is not easy to move around down low. He plays strong, he plays hard, and he plays tough.

He’s exactly the kind of big the Mavericks could use on this roster. For anyone that has concerns about opposing players coming for Luka, Portis could be the ideal enforcer. Also worth mentioning, he shot 36 percent from the three-point line on 2.5 attempts per game last season. Portis is another player that has floated around the league playing for Chicago, Washington, and most recently, New York. After taking a bit of a back seat in the front court for the Knicks, his offers will surely be less this offseason. I would be thrilled to see Dallas pursue him.

Bryn Forbes

Forbes is a long shot. He’s only 27, and San Antonio should plan to bring him back. He is unrestricted, but San Antonio will have more money to offer him then we will, which is what makes this signing the most unlikely in my opinion. As a starter last season, Forbes averaged 11 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 assists in 25 minutes per game.

I think the Spurs are higher on Derrick White moving forward, so at the right price Dallas might be able to steal Forbes away. While he is undersized, he’s also really quick and shot 39 percent from the three-point line on 6 attempts per game last year. He certainly wouldn’t be a starter in Dallas, but would definitely provide the Mavericks with some quality bench minutes being a reliable shooter.

Jahlil Okafor

Like Bobby Portis, Okafor brings a number of things to the table. While he’s not necessarily the best defender, he’s strong and he is not easy to move. He’s has the enforcer-type energy due to the fact that he has a thick frame. While he hasn’t quite lived up to the expectation being a former number 3 pick, he still shows flashes of potential.

He likely is who he is at this point in his career but at 6”10 and 270 pounds, he could still be very useful on both ends of the court. There is also the possibility that he has yet to reach his ceiling due to the fact that he has yet to play for a team that has a lot of organizational stability or possesses a top-level point guard.

He wouldn’t be a star, but the Mavericks could be willing to take a chance on him being a quality rotational big off the bench. I think he could be brought in at a reasonable price and would be excited about the idea of starting somewhere new.

This is an idea zone. Would any of these guys work? Let us know in the comments along with anyone else you’d be interested in pursuing.