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MMB After Dark: What a wild NBA Draft

The Dallas Mavericks made moves on draft night

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2020 NBA Draft Photo by Courtesy of Josh Green/NBAE via Getty Images

On the busiest week of the NBA year, the Mavericks had their most active draft night in nearly a decade. Josh and I discuss Josh Green, Tyrell Terry, Tyler Bey, and the trade of Seth Curry for Josh Richardson and the pick which became Bey.

Since we don’t know a ton about these guys (we’ll have draft people on in the coming days), we discuss the big picture and what we feel this means for the Mavericks right now.

Following a short commercial break, Cosmis re-joins the show to offer his thoughts on all three Maverick draftees as well as the two undrafted free agents the Mavericks agreed to terms with: Nate Hinton of the University of Houston and Freddie Gillespie from Baylor.

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The draft is always a crapshoot, but this particularly evening was more fun than any draft in the last 15 years (the Luka Doncic draft is the one exception). I can’t wait to see what’s coming next. Be sure to check out all our incredible coverage from the draft.

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