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Quote board: What Tyrell Terry thinks about being drafted by the Mavericks

“I’m going to be a valuable tool for Luka”

NCAA Basketball: Stanford at UCLA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

How do you see yourself fitting in in Dallas alongside Luka and Kristaps Porzingis?

TYRELL TERRY: I think for me, just the way I’m able to shoot the ball, I’m going to be a valuable tool for Luka, especially off pick-and-rolls and finding shooters and also being a secondary ball handler for that role as well. Being able to create — space the floor for Kristaps is going to be important, I think. So I think I’ll be a very good fit for them.

Congrats on being drafted and welcome to Dallas. It sounds like you’ve kind of analyzed the Mavs a little bit. Was this something you’ve anticipated? Were they one of the teams that were pretty high on your radar?

Well, thank you for welcoming me to Dallas, first off.

Second, to answer your question, yeah, this is one of the teams where I know it was a possibility I could end up, and it was a situation where I wanted to be in. So I think this draft went very well for me. I plan to go into Dallas and show them my work ethic, show them what I can do.

And what was the most — did you meet them by Zoom or in person? What stood out about the organization as you talked to them?

I did meet with them in Zoom multiple times. I took some assessments for them as far as IQ goes. I think for me, you know, they see my fit with their roster, and I see my fit as well. So for me to come in and just do my job, I think that’s all I can do. Hopefully, some success will be brought from that.

Tyrell, congratulations on getting drafted to Dallas. Look forward to covering you. I’ve got a question for you: Great shooter, obviously. When you studied film throughout your younger days and now getting into the league, who were some shooters that you looked at for as like the way to shoot, the craft, the form, different things of that nature?

I think for me growing up, I didn’t really study shooting as much. I think, when I started to realize I was a pretty prolific shooter in my opinion, that’s when I started studying film of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, those type of guys. Obviously, Seth Curry was a member of the Dallas Mavericks last year. So I think I could see myself in a similar role as that. By studying the ways he’s able to get his shot off and the way he’s able to maneuver on the offensive end is something I’ve been studying.

And follow-up question real quick: I know you’re excited just to get on the court with these guys, with Luka and K.P., et cetera. Is there a particular matchup or player that you’re excited to face in this NBA? I know that, like, obviously, you watch the game, and I’m pretty sure there’s a player that you’re looking forward to getting on the floor against and compete against.

Yeah. I don’t think there’s one specific player that I’m most excited to go against, but I think for me, being a young guy, there’s several players in this league that have established themselves since I was younger. To face them and show them what I can bring to this league is something that I look forward to.

What does it mean for you to be in an organization with a lot of young guys and you’re able to compete with players like Kristaps and Luka on the practices?

I think it’s great for me to be on the roster with a lot of young guys, to kind of relate to them, kind of learn from them. They’ve only been in the league for several years, but I think there’s a lot to learn from them, me being a rookie coming in. I think there’s a lot of hungry guys on this roster, me being one of them coming up. So of course I want to compete with these guys and show the NBA what we can do. I think it’s something that I look forward to.

And what result will make you satisfied at the end of the season?

I don’t think many things satisfy me. To come in and do my best and be a great teammate to these guys and motivate them to get better and have them motivate me to get better I think is something I would look at as a successful rookie year for myself.

I’m wondering how does a Minnesota kid get out to Stanford? And have you heard from Dwight Powell yet after being drafted?

Yes. So I got out to Stanford just because I thought it was a perfect fit for me as far as academics and athletics go. I thought it was a perfect situation for me to come in and be successful right away.

I haven’t talked to Dwight yet. I have his number. I think it’s pretty cool we’re going to have a two Stanford guys on the same team.

There were four Minnesotans taken in the first 41 picks. How much pride do you have about that, and what does it say about the talent in the state?

To have us all be selected tonight is an extreme blessing. I congratulate those guys. It does a lot for the state of Minnesota as far as recognition. I think Minnesota is on the come-up as far as talent goes in the basketball world. I hope the world kind of wakes up and realizes that now.

Tyrell, congratulations on being drafted to the Dallas Mavericks. Welcome to the city of Dallas. What have you done as far as your preparation during this pandemic and to get yourself to be ready for this Mavericks roster, in your mind?

I think the biggest thing for me to prepare myself for this big step is to add size and strength, but also improving my mental habits. I started doing meditation and reading books. I think it did a lot for me as far as being prepared and keeping a level head. Obviously, this is a crazy night as far as emotions go, but when I wake up tomorrow morning, I’m going to be ready to work.