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5 sneaky moves Mavericks should consider during free agency

Could these signings make Dallas a title contender by giving them even more depth?

Dallas Mavericks v Indiana Pacers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Free Agency should be extremely interesting for the Mavericks. Dallas is already rumored to be in the hunt for Giannis Antetokounmpo should the two-time MVP make it to free agency in 2021, but there’s still one more off-season between now and then. It’s going to be a weird one too, as the NBA plans to start next season on Dec. 22. A whirlwind free agency should provide some sparks for the Mavericks, even if they still play it safe while keeping their cap clean for 2021. Here are some smaller moves within the realm of possibility we hope the Mavericks consider.

Derrick Favors

After time in New Orleans, he will likely weigh his options when considering whether or not he will return to the Pelicans. Dallas is clearly on the rise in terms of teams in contention, so Dallas may be able to snag him at a decent price. Favors averaged 9 points, 10 rebounds, and 1 block in 24.5 minutes with the Pelicans this last season. While he’s more well-known for his rebounding, he could also provide to be a very useful defensive piece.

Langston Galloway

A man who shot 40 percent on 5 three-point attempts per game last season would be a fantastic addition for any team looking to add a reliable shooter. He made $7 million in Detroit in 2019-20 and is now an unrestricted free agent. He is a guy that Dallas could get at a very reasonable price in a down market. He’s not an elite defender, nor is he a sieve and the Mavericks could do much worse in a weird off season.

Paul Millsap

There’s a good chance that Millsap returns to Denver, but he’s a conversation worth having. He is a seasoned veteran who has a lot of experience along with several components to his game that could be useful in Dallas’ system.

Millsap will turn 35 next season, and with his career getting close to the end, he will surely look to join another contender if he doesn’t decide to stay with Denver. Millsap averaged 11.5 points and 6 rebounds while shooting 43.5 percent on 2.5 three-point attempts per game in 21 minutes. He would necessarily be an automatic starter for Dallas, but instead more of a tool in Carlisle’s tool box. He has lots of wisdom to share with our locker room which could do a lot for this team come playoff time. Given his age and the stage of his career, he could be acquirable at a team-friendly deal. His last contract was his moneymaker and he’s still looking to win.

While Dallas might be better off looking to add someone who’s younger and possesses more size, but there are certainly reasons why bringing in someone like Millsap could be a good idea, at the right price.

Torrey Craig

Craig has a qualifying offer this offseason, making him a restricted free agent. That being said, it’s no secret that the Denver Nuggets are prioritizing bringing back Jerami Grant over Torrey Craig. If a team like Dallas can make an offer that the Nuggets either aren’t capable of matching or are just unwilling to, the Mavericks might be able to pry him away.

Craig is a very solid perimeter defender. He shot 33% from the three-point line on two attempts per game last season. While that percentage isn’t overly impressive, but he is a solid 6”7, 220 lbs. We need wing depth and perimeter defense, and Craig checks both of those boxes. After making $2.5 million last season, his asking price might not be too high.

Meyers Leonard

Signing Leonard would be a super sneaky move. After not playing much in the NBA Finals this past season, Miami might be okay with letting him go.

Leonard is 7’0 and 260 pounds. He shot 41 percent on 2.5 three-point attempts per game last season while averaging six points and five rebounds. He is often praised for how good of a teammate he is, so there’s no reason to think he couldn’t slide in to the Dallas system. He works hard and it’s clear that he just wants his team to win, whether he’s playing 20 minutes a night or zero. Those are the kinds of guys you want on your team. He is also someone that could be signed at a fairly cheap price. I hope Dallas looks his way come November 19 or 20 or whenever free agency ends up beginning.

With the off-season happening all at once (or before it even begins if you believe some people), there’s a lot of ways the Mavericks could go or should go. We’re still in the fun part where ideas should fly fast and freely. Who else could be considered an under-the-radar guy the Mavericks should consider? We’ll be writing free agency profiles soon!