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3 things we’re watching as Luka Doncic starts All-Star weekend in the Rising Stars game

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An eventful weekend for Luka Doncic starts tonight with the Rising Stars, before heading to the big show.

2019 NBA All-Star Rising Stars Practice and Media Availability Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

For the second year in a row, Luka Doncic will have a busy NBA All-Star weekend, and his festivities start tonight. Appearing for the second time in the NBA Rising Stars game, an exhibition featuring young up and coming talent in the league.

Though the game itself can be a little hit or miss, having Doncic so heavily featured with a chance for him to spend time around the future of the league is exciting. The structure to the game returns, which pits U.S. players against International players.

Last year’s game ended with a 161-144 U.S. team victory. As with most of these events, a few players are gunning for the MVP, while many are just there to have fun. If your memory is foggy from last year’s event, this is really all you need to remember:

It was up in the air whether Doncic would be available for any of the festivities, after re-injuring his ankle. While he made it clear that he was going to make it back in time to participate, nothing really took shape until a few days ago. Appearing in the Mavericks final game before the break, Doncic was back to his old ways dominating the Sacramento Kings to the tune of 33 points, 12 rebounds and eight assists.

So now we get to enjoy a weekend of Doncic featured alongside the best talent in the league. But if we could have our way tonight, what would we like to see?

Luka’s Lob Game

Luka’s ability to pass is one of the best opportunities to be featured in an event like this. And as he’s typically in the giving mood, gimme a couple sky-high lobs to fellow international teammates. My eyes will be set on high flying Brandon Clarke. The Memphis rookie has unreal athleticism and should be primed for a Luka lob off the backboard.

Luka vs. Trae

The two players themselves are likely tired of hearing it, but as they are forever linked (even here on All-Star Weekend) why not lean into it?

Both players love bombing it from logos, so let’s duel! It’s not likely, but let’s go Iso’s in a row. We can even let the other eight players on the floor take a break, grab some water. Give the people what they want, step-backs only!

Both Doncic and Young will be playing in Sunday’s featured event as well, but the chance for the spotlight for them is in Rising Stars. So let’s make this happen!

Luka Poster

If we’re dreaming why not dream?! I want Luka putting Zion Williamson on a poster.

Doncic can pick his moments to have decent athleticism and get to the rim. So why not now? Maybe Zion will be taking it easy. Maybe he’ll doubt The Wonderboy’s newfound Air Jordan wings.

I don’t even have to be picky — maybe Zion doesn’t even jump. As long as he’s in the vicinity of a Luka dunk I’m screenshotting it, sending it to my local FedEx-Kinko’s, and I’m making posters to hang around the streets of Chicago.

How to watch

Tip off is set for 8:00 p.m. CT on TNT.