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NBA All-Star 2020: Luka Doncic will never forget this betrayal

How you do you keep the player with the second-most fan votes on the bench for the entire fourth quarter?

Celebrities Attend The 69th NBA All-Star Game - Inside Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

I really hope when Luka Doncic got questions hurled at him Sunday night after the All-Star game, this was his opening statement.

“My name is Luka Doncic, MVP candidate at just 20-years-old, second-most popular player in the All-Star Game fan vote in his sophomore season, loyal servant to the true coach, Rick Carlisle. Descendant to a fallen Dirk, inheritor to a rising team. And I will have my vengeance, in this season or the next.”

Luka played 17 minutes and 31 seconds during the All-Star game. It was the second-fewest on Team LeBron, just ahead of Jayson Tatum. This is despite the fact that he had the second-most fan votes, is averaging a herculean stat line, leading a surprising Mavericks team to the playoffs and is likely a top-5 MVP candidate. What the hell! That sucks!

It was of course great to watch Luka flash his carefree smile during an All-Star weekend that he seemed to fully enjoy. I also understand that in the NBA there is a pecking order, no matter how good you are. Trae Young was a starter and also sat the entire fourth quarter. That’s the way things are, for better or worse.

But James Harden went 3-of-9 from the floor as he worked through his in-progress hangover. Let Luka play, man. When Frank Vogel took him out in the third quarter, he had just made back-to-back threes. He finished with eight points and four assists. It should have been more.

I know Luka will likely play in like, 15 more All-Star games, so who cares.

Well, I care! Let the really good and really popular basketball player play more minutes in the showcase of basketball players, you dinguses.