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Posterized series joins Mavericks basketball with local artists

You can’t go wrong with art and basketball.

Posterized posters for sale in the AAC.
Doyle Rader

The Dallas Mavericks decided to try something new this season. In an effort to connect further with the local community, the Mavericks teamed up with local artists to launch the Posterized series for select home games.

Twenty artists are participating in the project. They’re creating original works of art promoting individual games. The Mavericks are then turning their work into limited runs of posters that are available to purchase at the American Airlines Center during games.

Some artists, like Arturo Torres, Skylar Thiot, and Tyler Upchurch, may already be familiar to Mavericks fans. Each has a large twitter following where they showcase their artwork. Torres is the illustrator of three New York Times bestselling books. Thiot and Upchurch often share their redesigns of the Mavericks jerseys on their accounts.

Over at D Magazine, I spoke with the creative minds behind Posterized. Be sure to swing by and give it a read. This was a particularly fun piece to work on and I hope you enjoy it.

Check out the full story HERE.