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Mark Cuban eviscerates refs in post-game tweet storm after the Mavericks loss to the Hawks

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The Mavericks’ owner took to Twitter to call out the NBA officiating.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Cuban did not mince words after the Dallas Mavericks collapse against the Atlanta Hawks Saturday night. Dallas fell victim to a few questionable calls, but none more egregious than the refs goal-tending call that was excused as an inadvertent whistle.

Here’s the play that had Cuban fired up:

Dorian Finney-Smith blocked the shot, but John Collins finished the play with a put-back layup. However, the refs called a goal-tend after Finney-Smith made contact, in which most players let up because the play is blown dead. When the call was reviewed, the refs overturned the goal tend (which was the correct call), but the refs still allowed Collins basket to stand under the guise of an “inadvertent” whistle.

Cuban was rightfully irked, to say the least:

He explains:

Cuban has a right to be frustrated. It was a ridiculous call and explanation, but he wasn’t satisfied with expressing his exasperation with this game alone:

He even name dropped!

Cuban is notorious for voicing his opinions on NBA refereeing, though he’s seemed to tone down in the past few years. But Cuban was irate and went to the media for more:

Cuban’s Dairy Queen reference circles back to when he claimed he wouldn’t hire referee Ed Rush to manage a Dairy Queen which resulted in a record $500,000 fine.

So maybe this is years of frustration finally being unleashed. Whatever it is, Cuban’s wallet will definitely be lighter this coming week.

Here’s the postgame podcast, Mavs Moneyball After Dark. If you can’t see the embed below “More from Mavs Moneyball”, click here. And if you haven’t yet, subscribe by searching “Mavs Moneyball podcast” into your favorite podcast app.