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FanPulse: Elam Endings and a drop in confidence

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The games are fine just the way they are.

Dallas Mavericks v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

This week’s FanPulse (yep, it’s that time again) posed a pretty interesting question. It asked you, the fans, if the NBA should adopt Elam Endings for all of its games. Before we look at the results, it’s probably smart to explain exactly what an Elam Ending is.

The Elam Ending was created by Nick Elam, a Mensa member, and is essentially an exercise in target scoring. There are variation of how it’s employed, but essentially a target score is set in the fourth quarter and the first team to reach that score will win the game. This is how the final quarter of the All-Star Game was played.

At its core, Elam Endings are supposed to remedy the cavalcade of free throws that can accompany the end of close games. It also adds a pit of excitement as there will always be a game-winning shot. On the surface this all seems fine and well, but should it be implemented league-wide? You certainly don’t think so.

Resoundingly, the majority of you don’t want to see Elam Endings in the NBA. I have to agree. While it could add an extra wrinkle to watching games, why implement something that would initially confuse a number of fans and possibly the teams? The league is in pretty good shape—even if there’s some concern with falling ratings—and a novelty gimmick just isn’t needed. But hey, if they want to keep Elam Endings in the All-Star Game, that’s fine with me.

Now, how about those Dallas Mavericks?

This week’s results are a little surprising. I thought that the Mavs were trending upward recently, but the controversial loss to the Atlanta Hawks, who are not good, must have put a sour taste in your mouths. Confidence in the team took a pretty big hit.

If this isn’t the lowest mark of the season, it’s certainly close to it. I think that’s surprising. I also think that confidence will go up when we meet again in this space. Wins against the Minnesota Timberwolves and San Antonio Spurs this week certainly help matters. A win against the Miami Heat would be a great birthday present for Luka Doncic too.

For now, though, we’ll just have to wait an see what the future holds.

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