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Roundtable: Should the Dallas Mavericks do anything else before the trade deadline?

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The staff has thoughts

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Mavericks already made one move after Dwight Powell went down in terms of trading for Willie Cauley Stein. Do you want to see them make another trade? If so, who and why? If not, why not?

Jeff: The Mavericks’ favorite word is “opportunistic.” I do t think they’ll do anything that isn’t the right deal for them for the sake of doing a deal. If there’s someone out there they believe can be a significant upgrade to what they have, then they’ll pull the trigger. But who that guy is? Your guess is as good as mine.

Doyle: Given that the Mavericks have an $11.82 million trade exception that expires on February 7, I have to imagine that they will make another move. If that means dealing Courtney Lee’s expiring $12.57 million contract for a quality perimeter player, then that’s for the better. As Jeffrey mentions, the Mavericks are opportunists. Although fans will call for all the trade speculation they can find, we likely won’t know anything Dallas is doing until a deal is almost finalized. They’re very good at keeping things quiet until the last minute.

Ian: Bolstering the wing depth makes a lot of sense, especially as the team has been bit by the injury bug a little of late. As others have said, Dallas tends to play things close to the vest and look for an advantageous opportunity, so chances are if there is a deal it will be someone not reported prior and only for the right price. A 3&D guy who can play multiple positions would be ideal, perhaps a veteran who could help stabilize a group without an abundance of playoff experience.

Jordan: I don’t think the Mavericks should feel pressured to make a move. They’ve far exceeded this season’s expectations, and should feel no guilt riding it out. Unless a can’t-miss opportunity pops up, they aren’t going to trade away future flexibility. So if they make a move, it’s likely smaller.

Long term, all of the pieces aren’t there to take the next step. I’d like to see them find a player to at least fill Jackson’s minutes, and provide some support behind Dorian Finney-Smith. With Lee’s contract sitting there (and him not getting time), I don’t see why you don’t go and try to find one more player to fill out depth on the wing.

Matt: Sports is entertainment, and I am entertained by trades, so for that reason alone, I hope there’s a little something still brewing in Dallas. Nothing major. More than likely, nothing that will have any impact past this season. I want the trade equivalent of cleaning and rearranging your desk. Throwing a new wallpaper on the ol’ desktop.

With Cauley-Stein added, the position that makes the most sense would be wing depth, though seemingly every team could use some more wing depth. With the playoffs no longer a twinkle in the eye of the team’s most optimistic fans, but an expectation for this season, there are worse things to do than flip Courtney Lee and the Golden State second rounder for a vet wing that’ll create problems in the playoffs. (That said, I also love putting all of my hopes and dreams in to a Mavs second rounder blossoming in to a Nikola Jokic-esque steal, so I will be mad if the team dumps that pick like it’s nothing.)

Christian: Trades are fun, especially when they help. The Mavericks lack wing depth currently, and will need as many as they can get when the playoffs roll around. As long as the front office continues to explore and be opportunistic with the different possibilities around the league, I’m happy. The reality is we will likely have no clue a deal is imminent until it’s close to finalized. However, I expect any deal done to be minor - due to the Mavericks having little give in return. Last nights, four-team trade kicked things off - hopefully we are in store for more fireworks up until Thursday’s deadline.

Kirk: I think they should wait it out. The draft is much more interesting where that likely 31st over all pick could entice teams to do something silly, which tends to happen around the draft. I like Dallas right now. There are reasonable takes about this being a good year to go for it, but if you’ve watched all year, this team as is still has levels to reach.