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Mavericks and Mark Cuban to reimburse employees who patronize North Texas small businesses

What an incredibly cool gesture from the team’s owner.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Today via press release from Mavericks PR, the Mavericks announced a plan to support North Texas small business during this unprecedented time. The Mavericks will reimburse breakfast and lunch purchases for employees of both the Dallas Mavericks and Mark Cuban Companies made from independent businesses in the North Texas area.

Per the press release:

At a time when people may feel the financial strain of business closures, social distancing and more, supporting our local community is even more important,” said Proprietor Mark Cuban. “While encouraging my team to take care of themselves and those around them and to use healthy practices, I also encourage them to support our local North Texas businesses, and I am happy to partner with Dallas Mavericks staff to do so.

The press release goes on to encourage those feeling sick or who are uncomfortable going out to stay home, noting that they would reimburse delivery or takeout purchases as well.

This is just an incredibly cool gesture from the Mavericks’ owner, who has from the moment the NBA suspension was announced been at the forefront of providing assistance to those who might be affected by the NBA’s hiatus. Small businesses are already struggling, with some restaurants already close to a potential closure.

The Mavericks as an organization have always been very involved in the North Texas community, from events like partnering with local law enforcement for youth basketball camps to more high profile events like Dirk Nowitzki’s annual celebrity baseball game. So, it’s not surprising to see Cuban and the Mavs reaching out to the North Texas community in this incredibly generous way.

I would hope other owners with similar resources would consider doing something similar in their communities as we all work through this strange, strange time together.