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Deron Williams tows Dirk Nowitzki out of the mud which brings more questions than answers

And I will not rest until I get those answers.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Deron Williams ranks 22nd all time with 6,819 assists, but perhaps his biggest assist came in retirement to the NBA’s sixth all-time leading scorer, and former teammate, Dirk Nowitzki.

Sunday, in the midst of a global pandemic, Williams posted to Instagram that Nowitzki asked The Colony native if he was quarantined. Before Williams could respond, the Mavericks’ legend revealed his mini van was stuck in the mud and he needed Williams to come rescue him:

I have a few questions about this, so let’s discuss:

First, while the rest of Dallas is close to lockdown, Dirk is clearly going somewhere and on a mission, presumably with his family. Is it Sunday lunch? Are they going to stock up the pantry? Or is it possible Dirk is simply enjoying a Sunday drive in a luxury mini van? I certainly wouldn’t put it past the guy who took a plate of leftovers covered in tinfoil to arenas for pre-game meals to choose comfort and practicality over style and sport.

Second, the weather in Dallas has been gross and Dirk chose the van life, so why did he go off road? Was he lost or did he simply decide to trail blaze his own path like his NBA career?

Third, does Dirk have and endless supply of above-the-ankle NBA socks?

Fourth – and this is the question that is the most perplexing considering the situation – why is Dirk wearing white Nikes on a nasty, rainy, muddy day?

Leaving the house while on quarantine? Maybe the Big German has cabin fever, so we’ll let it pass. Driving through the mud in the Mystery Machine? Ok, maybe the GPS sent the GOAT in the wrong direction. It happens.

But wearing white sneakers while the ground puddles up and the rain pours? Not ok, Dirk.

While Williams and Nowitzki only played about one and a half seasons on the court, the chemistry off the court in retirement seems to be going strong.

Just stay off those muddy roads in your dad car, Dirk.