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The Dallas Mavericks react to ‘The Last Dance’

The long anticipated debut of The Last Dance did not disappoint.

Charlotte Hornets v Chicago Bulls Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

For many, April 19 was a day like any other. Folks were enjoying their Sunday or preparing for the week ahead. But for basketball fans across the world, Sunday might as well have been Game 1 of the 2020 NBA Finals because ESPN’s release of The Last Dance captivated the attention of 6.1 million viewers making it the most-viewed documentary content ever according to the Chicago Times.

For me, a man born in the early ‘90s, this was a chance to watch the mythical Michael Jordan. Sure, I’d seen highlights. But I was not aware enough (or alive for some of it) to experience most the lore and greatness of His Airness.

Not unlike me, and many other viewers, a handful of the Mavericks felt the same.

While Tim Hardaway Jr. likely heard the legend of Jordan from his dad, he echoed sentiments we all felt after episode two ended.

The documentary poked at Josh Reaves, the Mavericks’ rookie on a two-way contract, longing to hoop. And we all feel that.

After signing a shoe deal with Jordan Brand, Luka Doncic seems eager to peel the curtain back on the legacy Jordan crafted.

However, Jalen Brunson put a target on his back during the next film session by calling out Rick Carlisle’s defense on Jordan during a legendary playoff performance against the top-seeded Celtics. Carlise, with a head full of hair, helplessly gave up the baseline giving Jordan an easy dunk prompting Brunson to tweet:

The second year guard rehabbing from shoulder surgery then pleaded to the Twitter gods for the rest of the series to drop:

It’s clear a few of the younger Mavericks were eager to see one of the most anticipated documentaries in some time. For most, Jordan is a basketball deity that has defined what it means to be a competitor and winner. Now, many of these players get to see a glimpse into what made Jordan the greatest basketball player of all time.