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Roundtable: Favorite one-year Mavericks, Part 2

More great one year players to remember

Williams runs upcourt Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

All we have these days is time to think. On that note, who is your favorite player who spent just one year in a maverick uniform? Click here and sort by years. The list is wild.

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Kevin: For better or worse, there have been a lot of solid players to spend only one year in a Mavericks uniform. My favorite one OBVIOUSLY was Rajon Rondo.

JK JK. LOL. ROFL. LMBO. But imagine.

There are 4 or 5 players that I could’ve happily written about here, but I chose Delonte West.

The 2011-2012 season was a damn mess. (No real title defense, lockout, Lamar Odom.) But Delonte was a bright spot. Or at least he is in my memory. West only played in 44 of that season’s 66 games, starting in 33– often filling in for whichever of Jason Kidd or Vince Carter did not. Delonte was 6th on the team in minutes per game, which seems about right. (In total minutes that season Delonte played about 100 fewer minutes than Roddy Beaubois, which I would not have remembered).

9.6 points, 2.3 rebounds, 3.2 assists and a little more than a steal per game on 46/36/89 shooting is pretty solid for a sixth man/starter combo guard, but a lot of Delonte’s appeal was in his personality. Just an absolute joyous weirdo. Every interview was an adventure.

Delonte’s NBA career ended with that lone season in Dallas, and his struggles since then have been well documented. Here’s hoping that he gets whatever kind of help he needs.

Sam: As I scoured through a list of Mavericks who played only one season in Dallas, it stirred a few thoughts in my head. On one hand I was shocked at how many players notched a one-year stint under their belts, but I guess that should have been expected considering how many players cycled through year over year after the championship team disbanded. Second, it recalled memories of how much I loved Amar’e Stoudemire, even though he only played half a season after receiving a buyout from the New York Knicks.

As a kid I was mesmerized by Stoudemire’s freakish athleticism and thunderous dunks when he played with the Phoenix Suns. So maybe it was nostalgia that drew me to him as a Maverick. Or maybe it was the fact that he was actually a serviceable player of the bench. In his 23 games in Dallas in 2015, he averaged nearly 11 points while shooting 58 percent from the field. While that season is infamously known for the Rajon Rondo fiasco and the Mavericks getting bounced in the first round by the Houston Rockets, I will choose to remember it as the season Stoudemire, one of the more intimidating and ferocious players of my childhood, donned my favorite team’s uniform.

Editor’s note: there’s also this very important photo

Josh: Since Kevin stole Delonte West from me, I’ll go with a blast from the past — Walt Williams, who spent one season in Dallas during the magical 2003 season where the Mavs were so close to breaking through and making the NBA Finals. Particularly I’ll never forget his Game 3 performance in the second round against the Kings, scoring 10 points, hitting two three pointers in just 16 minutes. I was in eighth grade during that game and I was absolutely losing my mind at every Williams bucket.

Mike: DeShawn Stevenson, hands down.

Editor’s note: Stevenson was a one and a half year player and Basketball Reference has him down as being in Dallas for two seasons. But since he shot the lights out in the NBA Finals and wore great t-shirts and has an Abe Lincoln tattoo, we’ll allow it.