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There's no Mavericks basketball, so let's show our Mavericks swag in Animal Crossing

Basketball never stops on the New Horizon.

What if there was a place with no problems? No worries? No one to worry about getting sick, or to get sick from. No other people at all, in fact. Friend, there is such a place, and it’s called _Animal Crossing: New Horizons_ for the Nintendo Switch.

With basketball here in the so-called “real world” suspended indefinitely and unlikely to return for what would’ve been Dallas’ first postseason appearance in four long years, I say it’s time to seek out a better world. One where basketball can’t be cancelled because it’s questionable as to whether or not it even existed in the first place.

But here in this world, what is possible is not bound solely by what exists. It’s bound only by what you can create. And what you can create in Animal Crossing is a Dallas Mavericks NBA Hardwood Classics-inspired Dirk Nowitzki jersey. And a hat for good measure.

Available now to download or painstakingly copy, I hope that these items can bring you some comfort in these trying times.

I mean, just look how happy he is. He looks great. He feels great. He can talk to his neighbors from closer than 6 feet away. Is that the face of someone whose soul has been drained by back-to-back 2.5 hour Zoom video meetings? I don’t think so.