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Pick 3 of the Mavericks’ last 9 second round draft picks

Meme-ing the Mavs

Doyle Rader

Second round draft picks have a checkered history in the NBA. Occasionally, teams find a diamond in the rough. Often, though, these players flame out after a season or two, if they’re even lucky enough to suit up.

In this summer’s NBA Draft—or whenever it takes place—the Dallas Mavericks are sitting pretty in the second round. They have the Golden State Warriors’ pick, which is sure to be one of the first, if not the first, pick of the round. That gives the Mavericks a few options. They can draft with their position, potentially trade up into the first round, trade down, or trade it away all together.

Based on the last several drafts, it’s anyone’s guess what the team will do. Looking at the names of those selections, one thing is clear: They don’t stick around for very long.

Of all the previous nine players Dallas selected in the second round, only one, Jalen Brunson, remains with the team. That begs the question, who would you have liked the Mavericks to have held onto from years past?

Well, have no fear, a meme is here! Below is a list of Dallas’ last twelve second round picks. You can’t keep the all—much like the Mavs—you must select just three. It’s a tricky decision. Is Brunson a favorite? What about Kostas Antetokounmpo? Fans seem to like him. That pile of cash looks mighty good too.

You decide!

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Doyle Rader

Author’s note: The Mavericks drafted Shane Larkin in the first round of 2013. He’s included here because he’s the result of Dallas trading second round pick Mike Muscala to the Atlanta Hawks to acquire him. Also because of an oversight by me.