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Mavericks keep practice facilities closed for now as other teams open up

Teams where state stay-at-home orders expired have started to open up their practice facilities. The Mavericks are not one of them, for now.

NBA Announces Possible Re-Opening Of Team Practice Facilities Starting May 1 Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

On May 1, the NBA allowed teams that reside in states where the stay-at-home orders expired to re-open practice facilities. Various states have stopped the orders that were put in place to help battle the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Mavericks are one of those teams that fall in said state, but their facilities remain closed — for now.

During an appearance last week on The Athletic’s Mavericks podcast, 77 Minutes in Heaven, Cuban said he just didn’t think the time was right to re-open the facilities and have players back.

“The problem obviously is that because we can’t test people, then we can’t assure anybody’s safety, whether they’re basketball players or anybody else,” Cuban said. “Even though we can try to take all different kinds of precautions, it’s just not worth it, particularly when our guys are staying in shape and they’re going outside and shooting on outdoor hoops and working out in various ways. So I just don’t think the risk is worth the reward.”

The New York Times’ NBA reporter Marc Stein recapped the 17 teams that have re-opened so far, after the Oklahoma City Thunder announced their facilities were open on Monday:

Texas’ stay-at-home orders ended this month and various businesses have begun to re-open. It’s unclear when Cuban will feel comfortable re-opening when his priority seems to be testing capacity — Texas has been one of the worst states in the country at testing rate, despite the re-open push happening in the last week. It might be awhile before Cuban thinks the time is right. Or maybe it’s soon. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last two months, it’s that I know nothing and everything is pointless.