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How Mavs CEO Cynt Marshall is spending her time at home

Like many of us, Marshall continues to shelter-in-place.

The 2020 MAKERS Conference - Day Two Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for MAKERS

Even though Texas’ shelter-in-place ordinance is no longer in effect, many are still heeding its message due to the continued threat posed by coronavirus. One such person staying home is Dallas Mavericks CEO Cynt Marshall. She recently told D CEO how she’s passing the time.

Marshall is a voracious reader, preferring it to television. She’s looking forward to starting Evicted by Matthew Desmond soon. While she doesn’t spend much time watching TV, she made a point to watch the 2011 Championship Rewind on Fox Sports Southwest. The regional sports network recently re-aired ever win from the Mavericks’ playoff path to the NBA Championship. Marshall had not seen those games until now.

When she does get out of the house, Marshall spends her time taking walks through her neighborhood, where she occasionally leaves behind Mavs yard signs thanking first responders with her neighbors. She’s also focused on working in her backyard now that her daughter’s dog no longer claims it as his domain.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to persist, Marshall, like the rest of us, is adjusting to a new normal. Through it all, though, she’s kept busy and is keeping her spirits high. She also has some advice on coping with the present situation for everyone remaining home.

“It is important to keep up with your physical, mental, and spiritual health,” Marshall says. “All three are equally important. Take time out of each day to check in on each one.”

Be sure to check out the post for more of Marshall’s responses.