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With #GivingTuesdayNow in full swing, one Dallas Mavericks fan is raising funds for the North Texas Food Bank

A great cause to consider

With the Coronavirus wreaking havoc across the united states, charities are banding together for #GivingTuesdayNow, a global day of giving. Charities in particular require additional help during any sort of crisis and this is a social media campaign aimed at raising awareness and money. One Dallas Mavericks fan in particular is stepping up today to raise money and distribute some very cool gear in the process.

Skyler Thiot, a Dallas-based graphic designer and longtime Maverick fan, is putting his talents to good use and raising money for the North Texas Food Bank from all orders of his cool neon Pegasus logo:

He’s been publicizing this effort for days on social media and today I asked what drew him toward the cause: “I’m a big fan of what the North Texas Food Bank is doing, especially right now, and knew that Maverick’s Twitter is a great resource to help people out. It’s the intersection of what I can do and what I would love to see get done.”

So though today, take to twitter and send Skyler a DM. These shirts and hoodies are excellent, as I own one hoodie and plan to purchase a shirt from him today. All the profits from the purchases will be donated to the North Texas Food Bank.