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MMB After Dark: Mavericks-Thunder Game 3, One-Year Mavericks, and more

More looking back since there isn’t much else to do

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Oklahoma City Thunder v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

As usual, Josh brought the, uh, thunder, covering the awesome and underrated Dallas-Oklahoma City game 3 victory back in 2011 on the way to the Finals for Dallas which means we had to hop on and talk about watching that game and the series as a whole.

This week we’ve also been running a series of polls to determine the best one-year Maverick of all time and frankly I am nearly always down to talk about random Mavericks.

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I tend to revert back to the Lakers-Mavericks series in 2011 when I think on the playoff run, but as we get further away from the championship season, it gets crazier to look at the Thunder-Mavericks series. That particular team was young but my goodness were they talented.

After discussing that game and series, Josh and I discuss the entertaining results from our one year Mavericks posts. Last we touch on a few news items.

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