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Dallas Mavericks’ schedule in Orlando released

The eight remaining games in the regular season are now confirmed

Dallas Mavericks v Miami Heat Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Friday evening the NBA released the upcoming schedule of games for the 22 teams invited to Disney World to finish the regular season. The first game for Dallas is on July 31st and the final game is two weeks later on August 13th. The games are as follows (all times are Central time)

According to Mark Followill of the Dallas broadcast, all games will be available on local television even if the games are also broadcast nationally.

Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer says that the Mavericks have five games which will also be broadcast on ABC, ESPN, or TNT and one game on NBAtv. That means all but two games will be available nationwide. Whether or not the NBA/Turner sports will put out a League Pass-like product for all games is unclear as of this moment.

Brad Townsend had this gem on strength of schedule:

Final standings will be determined by winning percentage, so every game matters for the Dallas Mavericks. Though 1.5 games is quite a bit of ground to make up in eight games, ESPN’s Kevin Pelton has mentioned repeatedly that in his projections the Mavericks improved their standing in half of his simulations.

We’ll have more analysis on the upcoming games and situation in Orlando in the days and weeks to come.