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Boban nearly catches a fish

NBA Bubble content rules

Memphis Grizzlies v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

The Mavericks have been in the NBA Bubble for just a few days and the content we’re getting is simply outstanding. In fact, for we Dallas Mavericks fans, it’s been so consistent, I nearly chose to ignore fire hose of great stuff Mavericks players have been putting out on their social media.

Then this happened:

That’s right, Boban Marjanovich nearly caught a fish. Mundane content? Maybe for some, but watching one of the largest men in the world nearly catch a fish made me laugh out loud.

We’re thankful to Delon Wright for capturing this incredible moment. Of course, it’s already led to a glut of content, like former Moneyball writer Dalton Trigg comparing this video to every Maverick free agent ever, but those sorts of burns are going to happen.

Of course, Boban went viral YESTERDAY in his exchange with former teammate and longtime friend Tobias Harris where they act out Romeo and Juliet (kidding... or am i?)

Because Boban recorded the incident from his end, we get his point of view as well:

And this is just Boban content! We haven’t even got to the other Dallas Mavericks.

Maxi Kleber and Dwight Powell already went viral once, with this incredible video just two days ago:

Then there’s things like this happening in practice, with Luka Doncic breaking out a new and potentially more effective three point shot:

Yesterday he pulled out a different trick shot in the ballroom practice area the Mavericks are playing in.

Maybe it’s because we’ve not had consistent basketball content in months, but there’s something joyful about what we’re seeing in Disney World. The Mavericks in particular seem to be among teams who have guys excited to actually play basketball and be around their teammates.

Dallas had extraordinary chemistry this season and the camp-style format of what’s happening in Orlando should bring out the best in the players both on and off the court. Hopefully we’ll continue to get these outstanding inside looks at how the team is spending time together.

And hopefully next time Boban will actually catch a fish.