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The Mavericks are a sleeper title contender, according to the Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor

NBA Restart 2020 - All-Access Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Did you know there are other ways of consuming content beyond reading stories and listening to podcasts? Apparently there’s an entire website dedicated to... video content and it’s called Youtube. I don’t know much about it because if I watch videos, then I end up not doing any of the things I’m supposed to do.

Which is exactly what happened this morning when I came across Kevin O’Connor’s new video that features the Mavericks as part of his series called “The Restart”. It get’s going with Maverick specific content around the two minute mark, but I found myself watching the entire thing and you should too.

He lays out his case for the Mavericks as a potential contender for the NBA title and centers it around Luka Doncic. It’s a lot of things we’ve read, discussed, heard, and seen before, but watching it on a video all strung together is invigorating. The highlights of Luka passing are sublime, with O’Connor stating, “Watching Luka is like a master class in geometry with the types of passes he makes all over the court.”

The video also discusses what Luka might see defensively in these eight games and how the Mavericks should counter things. It’s really outstanding.

It pivots later into the importance of Kristaps Porzingi, Seth Curry, and Maxi Kleber as well if the Mavericks hope to make a run. He ends on the importance of Dallas getting away from the Los Angeles Clippers if they want to make a run, which tracks as the Clippers are essentially kryptonite for Dallas. Watch the entire thing.

I am ready for basketball now. And we still have two more weeks.