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Former Maverick hero Calvin Booth named General Manager of the Denver Nuggets


On Tuesday the Denver Nuggets named Calvin Booth as General Manager of the team.

Booth started his front office career in 2012 following a ten year playing career across seven different teams.

Why are we, a Dallas Mavericks blog, sharing this piece of Denver Nuggets news? Well for the younger Mavericks fans, Calvin Booth is one of the most important Mavericks in Dallas basketball history. He made this shot:

A game winning lay up on May 3rd, 2001 against the Utah Jazz, capping off a furious rally, as the Mavericks started the series losing two straight in a best of five match up. Booth’s lay up sends shivers up my spine to this day. I remember where I was standing in my house, next to my mom as she sat in here chair. When this shot went in, I screamed. It was the first playoff series win since the 1987-88 series when Dallas made it all the way to the Western Conference finals.

Today I learned new staffer Ryan Mainville was not quite yet born when Calvin Booth’s shot fell through the bottom of the net. Our staff had a variety of reactions:

So it’s important that we remember this history and share it with the Maverick fandom. Simple math tells me that 2001 was over 19 years ago, so as upsetting as that might be, we should remember and rejoice and congratulate Calvin Booth on his new job. We with him good luck, though hopefully not more luck than the Mavericks.