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Former Maverick Rajon Rondo is still the worst

It’s nice to know that some things do not change

Dallas Mavericks v Houston Rockets- Game One Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

In a world seemingly in a state of constant upheaval, some things are constants. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The tides go in and out. Summer follows spring. Rajon Rondo is an asshole.

On Thursday afternoon, the final axiom proved true once again with the NBA journeyman, now a Los Angeles Laker, complaining about his hotel room on social media.

The Lakers are staying in the Gran Destino tower of the Coronado Springs hotel, widely considered the best Disney World property in terms of both amenities and rooms. On the open market, the rooms range from $400 to $600 a night for the simpler rooms, which Rondo seems to have here.

Between his citing a Motel 6 and giving the middle finger in the photo, Rondo once again shows himself to be in a rare class of NBA jerk. He’s had years of NBA scandals, ranging from calling a referee a derogatory slur to sabotaging the Dallas Mavericks playoff series against the Rockets in 2015.

Over the last several days, much has been made by both NBA players, media, and fans about the circumstances surrounding quarantining, meals, and the entertainment players will have access to as the NBA attempts to finish both the regular season and the playoffs. Leave it to Rondo to attempt to single-handedly shift fan sympathy away from the players during the middle of a global pandemic and crisis.

Congratulations to Rajon Rondo for once again being that asshole we love to hate.