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Boban Marjanovic is a treasure of humanity

And also an outstanding basketball player

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Clippers - Game Two Photo by Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images

In the incredible 127-114 Dallas Mavericks victory over the Los Angeles Clippers, one man stood taller than the rest, both literally and figuratively: Boban Marjanovic. In just 10 minutes of action Wednesday night, he gave the world so much beyond his 13 points and nine rebounds.

Though those statistical contributions were authoritative. First, the jam with authority after an absurd Luka Doncic bounce pass.

Then he gave Montrezl Harrell a dream shake in the second quarter.

This is an incredibly skilled basketball player with real touch. He’s just a man slightly out of time compared to how basketball is played now.

But then there’s this, with one of the league’s grumpier characters in Marcus Morris paying Marjanovic a sincere compliment.

Boban melts hearts and heals souls. He’s a good human. In the TNT postgame show, the studio crew asked that Boban be a part and he was five minutes of pure gold.

While we can forgive Shaq for trying to make the Adams Family reference in 2020, what we have in Boban is a good sport who loves playing basketball and being a part of a team. He doesn’t always fit with what the Mavericks try to do on the court, but it’s pretty clear he’s vital to this team’s success.