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Boban has our hearts

A shirt after your own heart

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We all saw Boban Marjanovic last night, either on TNT live or on the internet in the hours since, and his fantastic interview with the TNT crew. Then he did this:

And with that, Boban worked his way into the hearts of the rest of world who had yet to understand what a joyful and delightful player and person the Dallas Maverick center is. After that, our good friends at Breaking T reached out to us with this great design. If you’re having as much fun in this playoff run as we are, it might be the perfect addition to your wardrobe or as a gift for the basketball fan in your life.

If none of this rings a bell because you went to bed too early or don’t spend too much time reading about basketball across the internet, here’s the amazing post game interview with the Turner crew and Boban. Please try to ignore Shaq’s repeated attempts to make Addams Family references.