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Kirk Your Enthusiasm: Jason Gallagher of the Ringer, Tim Cato of the Athletic, & Dalton Trigg of

It’s a podcast of feelings

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Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Clippers - Game Two Photo by Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images

At around 1 am Thursday morning, hyped from the awesome win over the Clippers in game 2 of the first round series, I got a crazy idea. First, I sent Jason Gallagher a message and asked if he was awake and wanted to podcast, so we did! Then, I bothered former Mavs Moneyball Editor-in-Chief and current Athletic staff writer Tim Cato, so we talked Thursday today at lunch. Last, I hit up former Mavs Moneyball writer and current do-everything man Dalton Trigg and we chatted about how awesome it feels to see the Mavericks win a game like that after so long.

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This was fun and on the night of the NBA lottery, it’s so, so great to not have to care about that at the moment.

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