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Stats Rundown: Three numbers after a saddening Game 3 loss

Luka’s historic night is no reason to celebrate, Maxi Kleber continues to draw blanks, and one area the Mavericks can exploit.

NBA: Playoffs-Los Angeles Clippers at Dallas Mavericks Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

After Luka Doncic suffered a gut wrenching ankle injury, it was unlikely that the Mavericks would have enough firepower to get back into the game. They kept it close, even ending the game within single digits. It was a disappointing, but understandable loss. Even so, there are a few numbers I think that are worth highlighting.

13/10/10: The first playoff triple-double in Mavericks history

It was a strange and saddening night for Luka Doncic. Before his injury, he wasn’t having a great night on the offensive side of the floor. But the story of this game though is the ankle injury he suffered. It was reported as a simple ankle sprain and we’ll continue to hope that’s all it is. After suffering the injury, he came back onto the court, likely to loosen up the ankle and see how it felt. In those minutes, he completed the first triple-double in Mavericks playoff history. I’m not really in the mood to celebrate a stat-line from a guy who suffered a scary injury, but it’s still a great achievement by Doncic.

4-for-15: Maxi Kleber’s shooting in the playoffs

Maxi Kleber has been a starter all three playoffs thus far, and he has been an absolute blank offensively. I know he’s seen an increase in minutes to defend Kawhi Leonard, but at what cost? He’s also now 1-for-11 from three-point range. His inability to generate any offense is becoming increasingly costly in my eyes. Especially when Leonard has still scored 100 points the past three games.

17.3: Paul George’s points per game average this series

If there’s one area of the game plan the Mavericks might wanna play around with, it’s likely their strategy against George. He has shot below 50 percent from the field and below 40 percent from three every game this season. Maybe the Mavericks try to run offensive heavy lineups more often to take advantage of when George is in a slump.

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