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Stats Rundown: Two historical numbers from an unforgettable Game 4

Luka Doncic does something no one else has, and the Mavericks edit their history books.

NBA: Playoffs-Los Angeles Clippers at Dallas Mavericks Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

After a game like that, its hard to know where to start. But for once, it’s pretty simple: Luka Doncic is THAT dude. Here’s two key numbers behind the victory.

43/17/16 - Luka Doncic’s ridiculous stat line

I’m convinced that Doncic is an endless well of production, and this historical night did nothing but add certainty to that. No one has ever had (at least) 43 points, 17 rebounds, and 13 assists in a playoff game before. The only other player to do something comparable to that was Wilt Chamberlin, who had 53/32/14 in a regular season game. Since 1983, only three other players have had a 40+ point, 10+ assist, 10+ rebound triple double in the playoffs: LeBron James (three times), Russell Westbrook, and Charles Barkley. I’ve got a feeling this won’t be Doncic’s last.

21 - The largest comeback in Mavericks playoff history

The Clippers lead the game by 21 points with just over seven minutes left in the second quarter. With Doncic’s ankle busted up and Kristaps Porzingis unavailable, it looked as if the Mavericks had no where to go but down. Dallas gave in J.J. Barea and Justin Jackson their first playoff run, trying anything and everything to get out of the hole. The Mavericks strange lineup tactics brought them back within eight points at the break. At that point is was all up to Doncic, who scored 28 points in the second half and overtime. With a mountain of obstacles facing them, the Mavericks still managed to pull off the largest postseason comeback in the franchise’s history.

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