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Stats Rundown: Four key numbers from the Mavericks loss to the Suns

What led to the two point collapse against the Phoenix Suns

Dallas Mavericks v Phoenix Suns Photo by Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images

The Mavericks suffered yet another agonizing loss against the Pheonix Suns on Sunday night. Holding a lead until the third quarter, they should have been in a position to win this one, but ended up losing 117-115. These are the numbers that played a key role in the game.

19.4 percent: the Mavericks three-point field goal percentage

If this team lives and dies by the three ball, then this game was a cold-blooded murder. The group made just six of their 31 three’s attempted in the contest. The second half was the worst part. When the Mavericks needed points the most, they made just one three pointer out of 18 attempted. A stunning 5.6 percent three point shooting half.

8.3 percent: Tim Hardaway Jr.’s field goal percentage

It was a rough night for Hardaway Jr. who made his singular field goal in the first quarter. He finished the game with 1-for-12 shooting. Of those 11 missed shots were eight missed three pointers. His only points of the game came from that first half two point field goal.

-8: Devin Booker’s plus-minus

If you watched this game it didn’t feel like Booker played extraordinarily well. He shot 50 percent from the field and just 25 percent from three. He was forced onto the bench a few minutes into the third quarter which oddly enough sparked a Suns run.

94.7 percent: Luka Doncic’s free throw percentage

I’ll end on a positive note. Doncic has struggled as a free throw shooter his entire career, averaging just 73 percent from the line. But tonight his free throws looked incredible even with high volume. Doncic made 18-of-19 free throws, which was his highest percentage this season in games he’s shot more than 10 free throws.