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Luka Doncic given a special reminder in the NBA Bubble

For NBA players dealing with so much late season pressure, sometimes it’s nice to have subtle reminders of their goals.

Dallas Mavericks v Sacramento Kings Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA is in an unprecedented moment; a time where 70-percent of the league lives and works secluded from the real world, in an attempt to give us all a sense of normalcy (and to make some cash).

While living in NBA Hunger Games Basketball Summer Camp it’s understandable that players would try their best to rely on routines and traditions for their own semblance of normality. And yes, maybe catching a fish or two.

Luka Doncic’s time in Orlando has been, well, dramatic at best. In three games he’s averaging 34 points, 14 rebounds, 11 assists and one block per game. Jaw dropping numbers. But he’s doing this while also (takes the deepest of sighs) shooting 17 percent from three, and committing seven turnovers per game.

Doncic giveth, and Doncic taketh away.

So color me shocked that I see no other Mavericks media outlet covering a fortuitous moment in Doncic’s bubble experience when, yesterday while lounging next one of Disney’s three trillion onsite pools, this happened:

As of this writing it’s unverified whether this duck is also taking part in the NBA Bubble, or if this is a surprise Disney Character Meet & Greet. But for Luka, we ask to consider the duck.


Well according to, which is absolutely the most reliable source and not at all the first option I clicked on in my “the meaning of a duck” internet search, a duck appearing in your life:

“Often asks you to pay attention to the surroundings and the opportunities awaiting you there. Maybe there is a new opportunity for growth and success that you are not aware of because you don’t pay enough attention.

“This totem animal also reminds you to be patient and steady while accomplishing your goals...evaluate your goals and ideas about the future.”

Without a single doubt in my mind our tiny little Donald Duck friend knows the stakes in Luka’s life, and took time out of its shift at Epcot’s Soarin’ Around the World to remind our very talented son to keep his eye on the prize.

It’s also entirely possible this duck was there as consolation, as we learn that, “They often appear in our lives after a painful experience to help us deal with it and confront the painful feelings and emotions so we can find peace.”

The Mavericks take on the Los Angeles Clippers today at 5:30 CT on TNT.