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Mavericks Mock Draft Roundup: 2 months to go

We’ll be keeping track of who some of the prominent NBA minds online think the team should select

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The NBA Draft, initially planned for Oct. 16th as a part of the return to play, was moved back a month and now seems set to go down Nov. 18th. That means we’re just under 2 months out, and the people are beginning to hunger for draft takes. The Mock Drafts are coming in hot with ripe new speculation to whip fans into a frenzy — a practice that, after explaining to my girlfriend, was derided as being needlessly frivolous, saying “oh my God, they can’t just wait until it happens?”

NO. We can’t! We’re all very bored! And so...

Below are picks and links to the full article for each, if you’re interested in reading through their reasoning.

Bleacher Report: Tyrese Maxey SG, Kentucky:

The Ringer: Saddiq Bey, SF/PF Villanova:

ESPN: Theo Maledon, PG Villeurbanne

CBS Sports: Desmond Bane, SG TCU:

Rotoworld: Cole Anthony, PG North Carolina:

The Athletic: Kira Lewis Jr, G Alabama

Sports Illustrated: RJ Hampton, G NZ Breakers

Yahoo! Sports: RJ Hmapton, G NZ Breakers

As you can see, with the exception of Saddiq Bey, there seems to be an overwhelming consensus that the Mavs are a team in need of help at the guard position. That’s not a bad take considering Courtney Lee, J.J. Barea, and the suddenly en vogue Trey Burke all reaching the end of their contracts.

Do keep in mind that the Mavericks, for what it’s worth, are also the owners of the 31st overall pick. This is a team looking to enter true contention next season and thus are perhaps not too keen to add two rookie pieces for next season. Meaning, while we’ll largely be sticking to that 18th pick slot when we think about the upcoming draft, don’t let that keep your mind from wandering to some trade packages we may see on draft night. Either to move up, or to add a more “game-ready” vet.