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Dirk Nowitzki on the German national team

A megamix to bring you some joy

Basketball - International Friendly - Germany vs. Croatia Photo by Christina Pahnke / sampics/Sampics/Corbis via Getty Images

Much like the last time we brought you a Dirk Nowitzki highlight tape, the Mavericks are struggling having lost three straight.

Thankfully, we have @Pandahank41 here to bring us some joy in the form of a Dirk Nowitzki highlight reel. This time it’s a massive mix of his time with the German national team.

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Honestly, I didn’t see much of Dirk’s career with the German national team. It’s pretty wild to see him play with the freedom he had in these situations. It makes sense, given the talent level, but watching him take the ball up the court and fire from downtown like he’s 2015 Steph Curry is remarkable.

As always, you should not only watch the whole thing, but subscribe to Hank’s great YouTube channel which has tons of videos containing footage I’ve not seen in years. It’s a great trip down memory lane any time you need a pick me up.