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SB Nation Reacts: Will Kidd finish the season as coach?

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Dallas Mavericks v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

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Look, we want more of you to join Reacts! Am I above posting something asking a question as insane as this one? I am not.

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This question has to be asked, though I think I know about where the percentages will fall. Jason Kidd’s contract alone is likely a strong reason that he finishes the season, no matter what happens.

And yet, I can’t help but wonder what happens. After two games the Maverick offense, one helmed by generational offensive talent in Luka Doncic and one that posted history making numbers with most of the same players just two years ago, is very, very bad right now. It’s worth asking this question just because anyone that can take an offense and drive it into the mud over time maybe probably shouldn’t have a job.

Kidd had this to say after the game: “With [Luka] at the top and being able to read who’s open, he gives us a great quarterback. Guys were setting screens higher, trying to give him some air space, and he was aggressive.”

He said it in such a way like he just discovered the fact, which has to be concerning. But like I said, he’s coach all year unless things go fully belly up, which I just can’t imagine quite yet. Again, sign up here to be a part of weekly surveys here to give a Dallas fan voice to the questions.

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