Mavs fan jam

i like the fact that Porzingis didn't get injured in the Mavs fan jam two days ago. I really think that if he can play at least 72 games like his rookie season then the Mavs can get past the first round this year. I think that Luka was astonishing. I think he only missed one field goal throughout the whole game. Had some no look passes that led to turnovers thus just needs to focus on not being fancy to improve on that aspect of his game. Overall I like what I saw on Saturday at the Mavs fan jam. I just hope that the Mavs can get past the 1st round this season. And for that to happen, KP is going to have to be healthy. When I look back at how many games he played in the past it's disappointing. Like I stated earlier, he played 72 games in his rookie season. Played 66 games in his second year. Played 48 in his third season. 57 games in his fourth season and 43 last season. I just pray for a healthy season for KP.

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