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Dallas Mavericks unveil new City Edition uniform

Called the Mixtape

Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks unveiled the long whispered about City Edition uniforms for the 2021-22 season on Monday afternoon. Here’s a look at them on Tim Hardaway Jr.

Though style is as subjective as things get in the NBA world, I personally love this look. It’s a riff on the classic white uniforms the Mavericks wore for years back when they played at Reunion arena.

Dallas Mavericks: Nash and Nowitzki press conference

There’s the addition of the green which is a fan favorite amongst longtime Dallas fans. In the press release, the Mavericks note “This uniform design represents a collaboration of elements from Mavs history and remixes the silhouette into a forward-facing look towards the future of the franchise.”

NBA Lockervision

“We partnered with the Dallas Mavericks to design a uniform that returned the team to its roots,” says Aaron Cain, VP/GM, Men’s, at NIKE, Inc. “The uniforms pay tribute to the green accents and Western typography of the team’s early years, along with fresh details that are a tip of the hat to Mavs Fans for Life.”

In addition to the jerseys, there’s also a matching court design:

NBA Lockervision

While there’s been a consistent call for a branding overhaul for the Mavericks for years now, I really like the last two year’s city editions and some of the variety these things allow for the gear. I’m too old to own an actual jersey, but I am 100% finding those game shorts. They look amazing.

I recommend checking out various NBA team twitter accounts today to see the other new looks coming from around the league.

Let’s get one more good look at the uniform on the way out. What do you think of the new (old?) look?